[GREAT DEAL!] Singapore – Los Angeles Round Trip starting from USD 417

What? Great ROUND TRIP ticket deal on Xiamen Airlines from SIN (Singapore) to LAX (Los Angeles). Visit LA for only  USD 400-ish! Tiket dari Indonesia -> SIN tidak termasuk.

What Airline? Xiamen Airline

When? Multiple dates from March to May 2018

How to book? Click here to go to Momondo.com, then search for the dates you want.

Act fast as deal might not last.


Ada kemungkinan harga ini adalah kesalahan dari pihak hotel/airline/OTA, so EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION.

NEVER EVER contact them about this, karena apabila ini memang kesalahan harga, mereka akan menyadari kesalahan mereka lalu menaikkan harganya. Bahkan setelah bookingan Anda confirmed, mereka dapat dan berhak untuk membatalkan bookingan Anda secara sepihak and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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