About the Blog

As a devout deal hunter, I only travel where the deal takes me. I chase after deals, not destinations. I want to share my knowledge and deals I find with you, so you don’t have to painstakingly search. After all, sharing is caring.

You DON’T have to be rich to travel in style. My motto, “BIG TRAVEL WITH SMALL BUDGET FOR REGULAR PEOPLE” means very comfortable, luxurious travel with poughkeepsie budget for anyone! You DON’T have to work during your travel or sell anything to fund your travel. Afterall, it is a VACATION!

I am NOT from the travel industry and I am NOT getting any benefits from my posts, so everything I say is genuinely mine, and I write things that benefit my readers. Rest assured, I will maintain my integrity and impartiality by only giving my true opinions.

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